Teens & Adults


Outstanding instructors and state-of-the-art 2014 Toyota Corollas with dual controls ensure that teens and adults both learn to drive safely, and pass tests by a large margin. Moreover, GDS’s instruction includes tips not necessarily covered on tests but which will save lives.


1. Freeway Driving

Overcome any driving anxiety and freeway discomfort. Feel the joy of driving with confidence and mastering the freedom of the freeways. Our instructor, Serj, specializes in helping students who are uncomfortable with the beginning stages of driving and freeway anxiety, become confident drivers. His technique allows you to overcome what holds you back from the joy of driving!


2. GDS’s response to “I can’t drive. How do I get to you?”


We are happy to provide free pick-up and drop-off within our service area, which is extensive.


3. To ensure that our students pass their tests with the utmost confidence:


GDS provides a full hour mock-up driving test. Pass our test and the official one will be a breeze!


4. Taking a driver’s test is simplicity itself with the Glendale Driving School:


We even set the student’s appointment for their student's test at the DMV, and escort them there.


5. GDS has several different Driving School packages:





Glendale, Burbank, La Crescenta, Sun Valley, Tujuanga, Montrose


$60 for 1 hour lesson
$95 for 2 hour lesson
$270 for 6 hour lesson

$400 for 10 hour lesson


Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Studio City, Altadena, North HollywoodArleta, Highland Park


$110 for 2 hour lesson
$320 for 6 hour lesson
$495 for 10 hour lesson


Driving Test (Location Vary) - $120

Includes one hour drive before direr's test