Glendale Driving School is a state-certified driving school located in the heart of Glendale. Insured and bonded, GDS provides driving lessons for teens and adults. Our company owns technologically-advanced vehicles with dual controls for safety and are also California inspected. We offer free pick-up and drop-off (within our service area).


Our instructors are friendly, qualified, punctual and well-trained. Licensed by the State of California via the Department of Motor Vehicles, we provide professional, yet modern techniques of instructing with a light dose of humor to ease frayed nerves.


GDS provides 7- days-a-week lessons, serving the following areas:



Glendale Driving School is committed to providing the highest quality of service at competitive rates, to best serve our community, we strive to meet each student’s individual needs and uphold our Student Satisfaction Guarantee.


GDS was founded in 2007 on the principles of going that extra mile to serve our community and state. According to the official DMV site, traffic crashes are a main cause of death for teenagers across the United States. “Lack of Skill” is listed as one of the leading factors in this tragic statistic. Accidents are not limited to teens: California has been ranked as the most dangerous state for road users.


A single statistic from 2010 (the only year with complete stats): out of 2739 fatal crashes in California, 1/5 were due to improper turning. Only Driver’s Ed can improve such statistics: and not just education meant to pass a driver’s test. Serious bilingual education by experienced instructors who can impart knowledge of how to avoid major accidents, tips on what or who to watch on the roads - such intelligence is shared by GDS instructors as part of every driving course we offer.


Sometimes going the extra mile can avoid never driving another mile, and we intend to maintain that stance. Please contact us for additional questions and to schedule your appointment.

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